HORSES - Section HA - Ring B

Entries close on the day, March 25, 2017
CONVENOR: Philippa Grainger and Taryn Quinn. STEWARDS: TBA.
Encourage ring B: $10 per horse.
Competitors are required to lunge their horses ONLY in the allotted exercise areas and not in the ring area. Please confine parking to allotted areas only and NOT on the trotting track. Vehicles parked in incorrect areas will be removed at the owner's expense.


1. Horse stewards reserve the right to cancel or amalgamate events when there are less than three horses in any individual event.

2. Random swabbing may take place at this show.

3. Horses entered into lightweight classes are not eligible for heavyweight classes, and vice versa.

4. SHOW JUMPING - All horses entered in graded events must be registered with the EA and carry current performance cards. All owners must be current members of the EA. Failure to qualify with this requirement will negate prize money being awarded. All riders in these events will wear approved EA helmets to current standards.

5. All competitors are to supply current PIC numbers.

6. RAHS Trophy is awarded to the horse, not the rider.

7. Horses are to enter into one ring only with the exclusion of led events.

RING B - Encourage ring. 10.30am start.

For horses and riders not having won a championship in a qualifying ring. Horses entering ring A classes are not eligible to enter ring B classes.

Prize money: 1st: $4; 2nd: $2; 3rd: ribbon.


1. Pony Hack not exceeding 12hh

2. Pony Hack over 12hh and not exceeding 13hh

3. Pony Hack over 13hh and not exceeding 14hh

4. Galloway Hack over 14hh and not exceeding 15hh

5. Hack over 15hh

6. Pleasure Pony not exceeding 14hh (to be ridden in a snaffle bit)

7. Pleasure Galloway or Hack over 14hh (to be ridden in a snaffle bit)

8. Rider under 10 years

9. Rider 10 years and under 14 years

10. Rider 14 years and under 18 years

11. Rider 18 years and over

12. Champion and Reserve Novice Mount (winners from classes 1 to 11)

(Second place getter to Champion to stand by for Reserve)

13. Pair of Ponies not exceeding 14hh

14. Pair of Galloways and Hacks over 14hh

15. Tiny Tot - smartest on parade

16. Tiny Tot - leading rein pony

17. Tiny Tot - best first pony

18. Tiny Tot - chocolate frog trotting race

19. Tiny Tot - Monte Carlo

20. Obstacle Challenge - rider under 10 years

21. Obstacle Challenge - rider 11 years and under 16 years

22. Obstacle Challenge - rider over 16 years

23. Mount and rider combination - rider under 10 years

24. Mount and rider combination - rider 11 years and under 16 years

25. Mount and rider combination - rider over 16 years

26. Fancy Dress - open to all horse and rider combinations (helmet must be worn)

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