Entries close 6pm, Wednesday, March 22, 2017
CONVENORS: Elaine Schumann, Michael Siviour. STEWARDS: Julie-Anne Byrnes, Niola Brazauskas, Jack Grainger.
JUDGE: James Nicholson
ENTRY FEE: $0.50 per entry.
Entry forms may be submitted by mail to
Secretary, Cleve AH&F Society, PO Box 167, Cleve, SA, 5640
or email to <> or through this site.
All physical entries must be submitted in person. See entry form for details.


PRIZES for all categories: FIRST $5.00; SECOND $3.00.


1. Exhibits may not be removed from the Pavilion before 4pm, but must be collected after the show.

2. All photos must be printed on photographic paper.

3. Previous prize winning Cleve Show entries are not eligible to re-enter.

4. All photographs are to be a minimum of 10x17cm and up to a maximum of 12x17cm, unless entered in classes specifically for enlargements.

5. Each entry is to be mounted on exhibitor's choice of coloured paper or similar material. Mounting paper is to be 10-13mm larger than the photograph on all four sides with the photograph mounted in the centre. For the interest of viewers, brief details of location, etc. on the border underneath the photograph would be helpful.

6. Name, address and class are to be clearly printed on back of border paper.

7. Convenors and judges reserve the right to place images in a different class if they feel they have been incorrectly entered. Judging will take place prior to the Show.

8. Entries, together with completed entry forms, entry fees and return postage may be posted or delivered to: The Secretary, Cleve AH&F Society, P.O. Box 167, Cleve, SA, 5640. Entries must be received at the Secretary's Office by close of entries, Wednesday, March 22, 2017.



1. Landscape

2. Seascape

3. People - two or more

4. Portrait

5. Child - baby, child, children

6. Fauna - native or domestic

7. Bird

8. Insect or reptile - close up

9. Sunrise, sunset

10. Rock formations

11. Flora

12. Flora, close up - flower, leaf, plant, etc

13. Historical or Commemorative

14. Industry - agriculture, mining, fishing, etc

15. Architecture - man made structure

16. Action or sport

17. Water scene, not ocean, water with reflection, river, lake, waterfall.

18. Panoramic - any subject (10x25-30cm prints accepted)

19. Creative, experimental

20. Open - any subject not included above - may be digitally enhanced

Black and White Photographs - tones accepted

21. Open subject

Enlarged Photographs - no larger than 25x30cm with mounting border of no more than 5cm

22. Scenic (landscape or seascape)

23. People

24. Flora

25. Open

Colour Prints - Under 16 years - refer to rules

26. Scenic (landscape or seascape)

27. Animal, bird, insect or reptile

28. Skyscape - cloud formations, sunrise, sunset

29. Action or sport shot

30. Industry - machinery, people at work

31. Child study - child, baby, children

32. People - one only

33. People - two or more

34. Flora - flowers, trees, plants, etc

35. Flora - close up

36. Architecture - man made construction

37. Creative/experimental/digitally manipulated

38. Open - may be photograph of any subject not included above

39. Enlarged photograph - no larger than 20x30cm with  mounting border of no more than 5cm.

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